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Ref: 8F-CAL-HT

Calder Shoulder Bag in Harris Tweed

Price: 240.00

This year Brady Bags will be re-launching its line of Harris Tweed bags using new Harris Tweed fabric colours. The initial launch will offer Harris Tweed in six styles of bags; Large Ariel Trout, Small Ariel Trout, Calder, Stour, Pennine Rucksack and the Marlborough Hold-all. All of which will be offered in four colour options; Eton, Oxford, Everton and Cambridge.

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The Harris Tweed Orb

The Orb Mark is your guarantee of genuine Harris Tweed cloth. Protected by the 1993 Harris Tweed Act of Parliament, Harris Tweed must be made from 100% pure new wool dyed, spun, and handwoven at the home of the weaver and finished in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

The Harris Tweed fabric has always been a much-loved choice within the Brady Range; therefore we are positive that the re-launch will be a hit and that the bags will become a great accessory for any winter outfit due to the extremely stylish look and feel that they carry.

We have chosen four very popular colour choices; a very countryside tan known as Oxford, the classic Herringbone known as Everton, a winter navy known as Cambridge and a warming grey known as Eton. Brady has chosen the four options with you in mind, we wanted to guarantee that we had a Harris Tweed option for everyone and we feel that with the four colours chosen you will find the perfect Harris Tweed bag for you.

The same high standard of quality Brady has become known for is still very much shown in this fantastic range. Given the correct care, your Harris Tweed Bag will last for many years to come.

Size: 10.82" x 7.67" x 10.03" (H27.5cm x D19.5cm x W25.5cm)

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  • Colour Choice: Eton


  • Colour Choice: Cambridge


  • Colour Choice: Oxford


  • Colour Choice: Everton



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