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Ref: 8R-CALD

Calder Bucket Bag - Brady Green Range

Price: 240.00

A new take on a Brady classic style. Giving the Calder a modern new looks for the Green Range.

The original Brady bucket bag has been completely redesigned in order to make it more practical and even more beautiful. As you can see the new Calder has now got a square base, this will give the Calder more of a solid structure allowing it to stand far better than the original style.

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We have also included base feet in order to protect the bag from any scuffs when placed on the ground. Maintaining the bucket style the inner of the bag remains as one large compartment. The strap has been altered to enhance the look but also make it far easier to adjust allowing it to fit better to your shoulder.

The light olive and new tan colour combination gives this bag a special look, making it the perfect companion for day to day use.

Size: 10.82" x 7.67" x 10.03" (H27.5cm x D19.5cm x W25.5cm)

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